Nurse Triage Service & Workplace Injury Reporting

Our workers’ compensation nurse triage program focuses on customizing the service to fit your specific needs, without the unnecessary added cost. In fact, with our customized programs, workers’ comp claims are reduced by an average of 38%.

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Workers’ Compensation FNOL Reporting

Services are provided by staff trained in the workers’ compensation industry. A pleasant and supportive demeanor enhances the success of the call experience. Our ability to gather information rapidly frees up the caller’s time to work on other important projects.

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Employee Absence Reporting

Employees will call a dedicated number connecting them to one of our friendly, fully trained agents. The agent will gather all needed information and the employer will be notified immediately.

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Customer Incident and Complaint Reporting

In today’s business climate it’s extremely important to be able to receive and respond to all complaints. Whether they want to provide their contact information, or report anonymously, our service gives the caller an opportunity to provide information they feel needs to be known, and the business an opportunity to respond and act accordingly.

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CarivaCare nurse triage services are 24/7, including holidays.

Whether you have 5 or 500,000 employees, our nurse triage services can help you reduce your workers’ compensation claims and it can help guide employees in the right direction.

Are you sending all employees to a clinic when they might not need treatment?

Reduce your liability and workers’ compensation costs, and provide your employees with a reasonable and neutral avenue to report their workplace injuries.

Have you notified OSHA within the timeframe needed?

CarivaCare is designed to allow you an affordable option to help you manage the process.
Our quick, easy sign-up and pricing structure ensures that you’re not paying for services that you’re not using.
CarivaCare focuses on customizing the services to fit your needs.

FITS Any Size Employer

Native Spanish Speaking Staff

My company has 200 employees. Does your program work with our size company?

CarivaCare works with ANY size employer! If your company has 5 employees or 500,000, we can help!

Yes. Our workers’ compensation nurse triage program and our other services are available nationwide.

Yes, we have Native Spanish speaking specialists on staff. CarivaCare also uses a leading translation service organization that supports hundreds of languages and operates 24/7.

CarivaCare is here to support our clients as they maneuver through this confusing and difficult time. We have enhanced our injury reporting program to include a response team directed to address employer and employee concerns related to any exposures or symptoms employees may be experiencing. Our 24/7 CarivaCare Nurse’s follow specific protocols and guidelines related to this pandemic. We will help put your mind and your employees’ mind at ease on the next steps after a potential COVID-19 exposure and/or testing results.

We get that question all the time. It’s pronounced Ca-ree-va Care

At CarivaCare, our programs include 24/7 Nurse Triage Workers’ Compensation Injury Reporting, Workers’ Compensation First Notice of Loss Reporting, Employee Absence Reporting and Customer Incident and Complaint Reporting.

Yes, all our Services and Programs are 24/7 including all holidays.

Fees differ by program. You can call us at 800-274-1102 or email us at  We will ask some initial questions to help provide you with a tailored proposal.

If you are ready to sign up for our 24/7 Nurse Triage & Workplace Injury Reporting Program, click here:

Yes, we are certified as an SBE by the State of California.

Our 24/7 nurse triage and workplace injury reporting program can help with ISNetworld safety compliance. Once signed up, we can provide you with an agreement to upload to ISNetworld which may help improve your score.

Quite a long time. In all seriousness, the program itself was started in 2008 at the request of one of the General Electric divisions. It’s gone through a couple of rebranding changes and many enhancements and has been going strong ever since.

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US Employee Based with Services Provided Nationally
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