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24/7 Nurse Triage & Workplace Injury Reporting

When an injury does occur, calling our workers’ compensation nurse triage reporting line will quickly connect employees with one of our knowledgeable, caring professionals.


The majority of workplace injuries do not require costly, time-consuming trips to the emergency room.

In fact, approximately 38% of all calls handled by CarivaCare do not become workers’ compensation claims.

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The initial call is completed, your employee is appropriately treated, and your company stakeholders are notified of the injury and results.
So, now what?
Submitting a claim after a workplace injury often means complicated information gathering and time-consuming actions.
CarivaCare cuts through the confusion and can help you move along the workers’ compensation process.

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Claims System Entry

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Nationally recognized medical algorithms are used by Registered Triage Nurses, reducing the employer’s liability and legal exposure


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Available 24/7/365 (including holidays)

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Provides a reasonable and neutral avenue for employees to report a workplace injury

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Nurses are ranked as one of the most trusted professions (2019 Gallup Poll).

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Employees are more comfortable in providing details regarding their incident

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Reporting allows for tracking of safety concerns

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All calls are recorded with transcripts and call recordings available if needed

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Call times average 14 minutes

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Greater satisfaction experience by the injured employee promoting improved workplace morale

When an employee sustains an injury at work, what should they do?

If it is not a life-threatening or medical emergency, the employee should call our 24/7 Nurse Triage & Workplace Injury Reporting Hotline to report their injury as soon as possible. They will be connected with a Registered Nurse who will take their information and provide advice, if applicable, and direct the employee to the right level of care.

What medical protocols are used by your 24/7 workers’ compensation nurse triage services?

CarivaCare Nurses use the Schmitt-Thompson telephonic triage protocols, which are considered the “Gold Standard” in the telephone triage industry. The Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content is rigorously reviewed by panels of physicians and nurses with experience in telephone triage. The Review Panels are comprised of triage nurses, specialty nurses, call center medical directors, primary care physicians, emergency physicians and physician specialists.

What information from the injured employee is shared with their employer and/or manager?

Only information related to the workplace injury is included in the report and is sent to stakeholders identified by the employer. Stakeholders can include Human Resources, Risk Management and Safety. Management personnel may also be identified as stakeholders by the client to receive copies of the CareReport. Personal Health Information (“PHI”) is not shared with the employer and is redacted from all CareReports.

Do you coordinate your 24/7 Nurse Triage Services with Mobile First Aid?

Our nurses take a full report of the employees’ injury and will triage their symptoms to determine if treatment is needed. Many times, we are able to give employee’s self-care advice and no treatment is needed. If treatment is needed, we are able to dispatch Mobile First Aid services to the employee’s location for certain injury types.

What 24/7 Workplace Injury Reporting materials can you provide for our employees?

Posters will also be provided to you, for display at each location or elsewhere as needed. Wallet cards are also provided, in both English and Spanish, for distribution to your employees. Communication materials can be translated into any other language necessary. The hotline number is located on the front of the card, with our proprietary Name Your Pain™ scale on the back. Additional customized communication materials can be developed and provided as needed.

How can we start the process to get a proposal for 24/7 Nurse Triage Services?

Our services can be fully customized to fit your unique needs.  You can call us at 800-274-1102 or email us at  We will ask some initial questions to help provide you with a tailored proposal.

Do you submit information to Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carriers?

CarivaCare can submit information, including State Forms, on your behalf to the Insurance Carrier. We can also enter information directly into claims systems or set up an EDI Transmission.

Do all calls result in a Workers’ Compensation claim being filed?

No. Approximately 38% of calls to the line do not become workers’ compensation claims. Employees receive Self Care Advice from the nurse and are able to treat their injury without seeking care at a facility.

When an employee is seeking treatment, can you provide them with state forms to complete?

Yes, we can email the employee the appropriate state forms to complete with instructions on how to return them to their employer.

If a supervisor calls the hotline, can you speak with them or must the employee be on the phone?

When calling our 24/7 Nurse Triage line, we can speak with the supervisor to obtain the incident details. However, speaking with the employee is always best so that our nurses can triage their injury and provide the best advice to fit their needs.

How long are the calls between nurses and employees?

Our 24/7 Nurse Triage call times average 14 minutes.


Prior to utilizing Encompass’ CarivaCare 24/7 injury hotline, it could take up to 15 days for an injury and all the forms to get directed to our claim department and uploaded into our claim system.  Additionally, many of our employees sought care at the emergency department for non-emergent injuries.  Since developing a partnership with Encompass, appropriate care is directed by registered nurses and our claims are added to our claim system the same day of the injury report.  If you are currently not working with Encompass, I would encourage you to give them a call today.

– Kimberly K., W.C.C.P., C.P.D.M.
Director, Workers’ Compensation

Large Hospital and University System: 18k+ Employees


  • Bilingual Staff, Native Spanish Speakers
  • Self-Care Advice sent via text and/or email to the injured employee
  • Treating facility information sent via text
  • Injury photos obtained, when available
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