CareConnect™ by CarivaCare


The CareConnect™ app is available on iOS and Android.

Employees of our current clients can download the app for free, and use the app to submit their contact information, injury details, and photos of their injury. Once information has been submitted via the app, the workers’ compensation triage nurse will call them back within 30 minutes, unless a definitive call back time has been requested.

CareConnect™ was designed to provide employees with an easy method to report their injury and request a call back if they are unable to call the CareLine at the time of the injury. It is also a great way to submit photos of injuries that may not be easily described over the phone, such as lacerations and burns.

App Details

App usage by injured employees is not mandatory, and does not replace the detailed CareReport taken.

App usage is at no additional charge to our clients, and is free to download.

Information such as social security numbers and date of birth is not submitted via the app.


Visit the iOS App Store or Google Play.