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Helping Restaurants Navigate Workplace Injuries with Nurse Triage Services

If you work in the restaurant or culinary industry, you know that accidents happen. Are you fully prepared for when they do and the complexities of the workers’ compensation process that goes with it?

Don’t navigate workplace injuries alone. Instead, trust CarivaCare! We specialize in helping restaurant workers with our 24/7 workers’ comp injury nurse triage services for employees injured on-the-job. Our services are even available 24/7/365 and our team fluently speaks English and Spanish.

We’re also proud to be a part of the California Restaurant Association (CRA) and recently joined the CRA COVID-19 Marketplace to serve you and your team during this uncertain time.

And with what’s going on today, isn’t now the perfect time to make things easier for your company, your employees, and yourself, especially when it comes to staying healthy? With CarivaCare, relax in knowing that when the unexpected happens, you’ll have a partner ready to walk you through the entire process.

Helping Restaurants Navigate Workplace Injuries with Nurse Triage Services

What Does a Nurse Triage Line Do?

Our 24/7 workers’ compensation nurse triage line and mobile first aid support team services are perfect for those in the restaurant industry, where employees are regularly working nights and weekends. No matter when someone gets hurt at work, call us and we’ll assist you from receiving self-care advice from a triage nurse to filing complex worker compensation claims for on-the-job injuries.
Day or night, our workplace injury triage team of amazing, registered triage nurses will guide employees in providing self-care advice or dispatch on-site mobile first aid care for the injured person.  We can also offer professional advice and instructions on when to seek additional medical attention.

If the injury does require additional care with a medical doctor, but there’s a preference to connect remotely (and it’s deemed okay to stay out of the ER), we’ll find a doctor who uses telemedicine. You’ll have the ability to communicate with a medical professional without leaving the workplace.

Or, if the injury appears to need more help than a remote triage team can provide, we’ll connect you with a brick-and-mortar facility utilizing your medical provider network.

Comprehensive, Proactive Care Made for You

CarivaCare’s 24/7 nurse triage services provide more than support alone. We can also significantly lower your workers’ compensation costs by encouraging proactive healthcare vs. reactive healthcare.

In short, we’ll prepare you for what to do when an unexpected workplace injury occurs before the incident happens. This provides employees with a plan already in place for what to do next. Now, more informed decisions are made for both the injured person and the restaurant as a whole.

After the injury has been treated, you’ll have access to a trusted, neutral third-party medical professional who will walk you through the entire process of filing the workplace injury report. With this additional help, rest assured that you’re taking care of everything appropriately so you can complete the process efficiently while keeping costs low.

Lastly, we know that every restaurant or other business within the food or culinary industry is different. Whether you’re a part of a large chain or run a small, local diner, we have a service that’ll work for you. We look forward to working with your team and creating a custom service that perfectly fits your restaurant’s needs.

And as an additional way to show appreciation for those in the restaurant and culinary industry, CarivaCare is currently offering no implementation fees for CRA members!

Interested in learning more about CarivaCare? Reach out to us at 1-800-274-1102 or contact us online here. We’ll discuss how our 24/7 nurse triage services can support your team, offer you peace-of-mind, and save you money. Let’s chat soon!

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