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Nurse Triage and Pain Assessment

CarivaCare’s™ 24/7 Triage Nurses assess an employee’s workplace injury utilizing our proprietary Name Your Pain© scale. The Name Your Pain scale was created for employees who have been injured at work and need to relay their level of pain to the nurse in order to properly assess their injuries and provide care advice via phone.

Pain is subjective and peoples’ pain tolerances vary. One person’s level 10 pain may be another’s level 4 pain, so it is important to be able to have identifying markers that will help guide an injured worker when describing their pain. Identifying an employee’s pain level is crucial in certain incident circumstances because there may not be other variables to assess. For example, an employee slips and falls at work, injuring their right leg. The leg has no physical injuries, but the pain is noticeable enough for the employee to make a report. By using the Name Your Pain Scale™, our Care Nurses will be able to determine the severity of the injury based on its’ pain value since there are no physical injuries or symptoms to triage, i.e. swelling.

Name Your Pain Scale

Assessing pain may be difficult. But with the Name Your Pain scale, we have developed a unique tool that can help assess an individual’s pain in various degrees. We use several descriptions in our pain scale to help generalize an injured persons pain, including numerical, visual, and categorical options. From “life is swell” to “life is pain”, these descriptive elements will help us quickly assess their pain levels. To get a more specific understanding of an individual’s pain, the scale also provides clear examples of varying levels of pain such as, “hurts like a butterfly kiss” to “hurts like a bullet ant sting”.  The most widely used method to understand someone’s pain level is to have them describe it either categorically or numerically, from Mild (0-2), Moderate (4-6), to Severe (8-10).

Usage of the Name Your Pain scale allows triage nurses to more appropriately assess the severity of an employee’s injury, while also taking other variables and symptoms the employee may be experiencing into consideration. This way, triage nurses can adequately determine whether treatment is deemed necessary for the employee, or if self-care advice would suffice.

The CarivaCare program reduces the amount of workplace injuries from becoming workers’ compensation claims by approximately 38%. Emergency Room visits are significantly reduced, and the workload for HR and Safety Departments is freed up to spend their important time on other pressing issues and projects. CarivaCare triage nurses use nationally recognized medical algorithms, reducing the employer’s liability. We are available 24/7, including holidays, with nurses nationwide and many native Spanish speaking staff.

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