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Why Your Business Needs a Customer Incident Reporting Program

Does your organization have a comprehensive, well-communicated plan in place to report customer accidents or complaints? If not, you’re opening yourself and your customers up to consequences that can range from legal headaches to severe injuries to expensive lawsuits—all things no business owner wants to deal with.

The hard truth is that it’s impossible to eliminate any chance of an incident. Accidents and issues happen under even the most stringent leader’s watch. Thankfully, there are great solutions that’ll set you up for success when the unexpected inevitably does occur. That way, you can head into work with the peace-of-mind that if something does arise, you’re ready!

Why Your Business Needs a Customer Incident Reporting ProgramWhat Is a Customer Incident Reporting Program?

The easiest and most effective way to ensure that your customers are heard, and their injuries properly reported is with a customer incident reporting program. By setting up this service, rest assured that your company is following all appropriate protocols—and may even prevent them from happening in the first place.

So, how does a customer incident reporting program actually work?

When an accident occurs at your business, your customer will immediately call the hotline. In seconds, the caller will be connected with a neutral third-party agent. This incident reporting expert will guide the customer through the reporting process. Next, all involved parties will receive comprehensive instructions regarding the next steps.

For the business and their employees, the incident reporting agent will help establish an effective process regarding possible nurse advice, emergency services, reporting practices, or other appropriate actions.

Customer Complaints, Safety Issues, and Other Feedback

A customer incident reporting program can also assist with more than immediate emergency needs. It’s a safe, neutral place for customers or employees to provide information regarding potential safety hazards or problems.

Most business owners don’t intentionally create or ignore issues that could potentially be dangerous. But with a busy company to run, they might, unfortunately, overlook huge yellow or red flags.

That’s where your team, clientele, and a reliable reporting line comes in. With this service, anyone can call in—anonymously or not—to report a potential workplace hazard. The business will then be informed about the safety concern. This allows the business with a valuable opportunity to address the issue before it snowballs into a much bigger problem.

Why Choose CarivaCare’s Incident Reporting Program?

When it comes to workplace safety, being proactive is everything. It’s always better to prepare your team for an incident before it occurs—or even better—stop an injury from occurring at all.

At CarivaCare, we’re dedicated to supporting companies as they create safer, smarter workplaces. That’s why we offer comprehensive services designed to fit any business from huge corporate offices to small restaurants with:

  • Services available 24/7/365 including holidays
  • Anonymous reporting options
  • All reports distributed within an hour of the call
  • Fully U.S. based agents
  • Native Spanish speaking staff
  • On-call translators for other languages

We also proudly offer other related services including a 24/7 Nurse Triage line, a COVID-19 business support program, Workers’ Compensation FNOL reporting, and more. We’d love to become your trusted partner in navigating the complex Workers’ Compensation system.

Ready to learn more about implementing a customer incident reporting program at your company? Reach out to the friendly CarivaCare team at 1-800-274-1102 or contact us online here. We’ll discuss how our 24/7 services can support your business, give you peace-of-mind, and even save you money. We can’t wait to chat!

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