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Workers’ Compensation FNOL Reporting

Our First Notice of Loss (FNOL) services are provided 24/7 by friendly staff trained in the workers’ compensation industry, who can also help locate an appropriate treating facility for the caller.

The FNOL is the first report made to the insurance carrier or TPA by the Supervisor or other identified contact, after an employee sustains a workplace injury or illness.

CarivaCare’s, US based agents are able to gather information rapidly, freeing up the caller’s time to work on other important projects.


Callers will be connected with an experienced agent. The agent will gather all needed information, such as:

  • Employer
  • Department
  • Injured Employee Name
  • Employee Demographics
  • Wages/salary and Work hours
  • Injury Details
  • Treating Facility Information

The FNOL will be delivered via email and/or fax to the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier and company stakeholders.

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Each call is individually recorded, logged and stored, guaranteeing both precise record keeping and quality assurance.


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Available 24/7/365
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Call times average 9 minutes

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Calls are recorded
And kept for 2 years

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Friendly, fully trained agents

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